Friday, May 6, 2011

Weigh Loss Challenge

In my Weight Watchers meetings we have often done a 12 Week Challenge. We set a goal of what we want to loose each week and by the end of the 12 weeks and then we work the program to try and achieve it. I have generally in the past, but a lot of people loose interest or give up. So this week our leader has started a new type of challenge. She has shortened it to 5 weeks, and instead of setting a weight goal, she sets tasks each week that will help us loose weight without looking at the numbers.
So our rules for this week is to track and record and count points for every single thing we eat for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (which sounds like we should, but for some it's easy to loose track). Our week starts Wednesday when the meetings are. In those 5 days we are not allowed to go one point over our daily allocated. In the new pro points system we get daily points, set specific for each individual, and we also get set 49 extra weekly points. Which is very handy for nights eating out or for drinks.
But our leader hopes that by following this we will continue for the other two days. Plus by following these, we will be guaranteed weight loss.
The third rule for this week is to do at least 30 mins of exercise on Wednesday, Friday and Monday.
So far I have followed these. It's actually kind of exciting having a set structure that we have to follow. It gives me more of a reason to do it properly.
And aside from each week getting a new set of tips and tricks to follow, at the end if we have followed it all, the winner (or winners) will be taken to dinner by the leader. It is based on the honesty system, but they will ask to see the tracking of food if you say you've done it and haven't lost the weight. They obviously can't monitor the exercise part, but I have done it, so I hope the others are truthful too.
Cross fingers for success in this. I'm only ten kilos away from goal weight now and 3.5 from a 30 kilo total loss.


  1. Yay on your success so far!

  2. Only 3.5 from total 30kg loss?

    Well done!!