Saturday, October 9, 2010


So I am feeling very European today. My parents just got back from Europe this morning and I have a scarf from Portugal, a handheld fan from Spain, a bag from Rome and perfume from France. Very jealous to hear about their adventures and not being able to go there myself.
It is a very nice day for them to get back on... The sun is shining and the weather is nice, I think I might go sit outside with a good book and a cool drink.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Yoghurt Dillema

When I first started WW I was not a fan of yoghurt. I knew it was good for you, but I never liked the taste. I knew I had to, I had made a commitment to myself to do what I could to lose weight, and yoghurt was a great meal addition/snack. Then my team leader introduced me to Tamar Valley yoghurt. The label said no added sugar, so it legally has to be true and it was natural Greek yoghurt so it was creamier. It also had the fruit purée instead of the chunks.
So I tried it. And I loved it. Now I can eat lots of yoghurt brands, but my go to is the Tamar Valley.
But now my local supermarket has stopped selling it. As has all the others around, instead they are getting this brand called Moo. What a silly name. But since I can't get the one I want I have to find another. So I have bought a Moo (light) container and also a Yoghurt Factory container. Both have similar 'points' (as WW use) and I'm going to check which is the best for me.
I'm not good with change when I finally get used to something, so I won't be completely satisfied. Especially since the Moo light doesn't have as much flavor variety as the Tamar Valley did. But there is nothing I can do. So here goes... Time to try the Moo.

My Story

So this is my first post... I feel a lot of pressure to make it good. You know, something entertaining and that will capture the followers. Well this is what I have...

Have you ever looked in the mirror and really seen yourself, then wondered when you got so fat. That happened to me about a year ago. The bubble popped of that image in my head of me from high school. When I could eat anything and still be fine. Now I saw myself as a fat blob. Photos are the worst. That's where you really see it. On nights out with my friends I was the biggest one there. I hated it.
But it still took me some time to actually do something about it. It wasn't till I went for my medical when going for my diving license at the beginning of the year that it really hit me. The weigh in. I hadn't weighed myself for a long time. I was happy; so I was big, who cares. But when the figure came up I was shocked. I've put on like 10 kilos over the last few years and I had toppled over 100kg. If I didn't do something now it would keep going.
So I joined a gym. Yeah, great idea that was. I had barely done exercise in years, so of course I didn't go regularly. Joining with my sister wasn't motivation enough at the time. She could actually run on the treadmill. Plus I felt too fat to be at a gym. But I was paying for the membership and that counted right?
It wasn't till my mother and sister were talking about joining Weight Watchers that I decided to join too. My sister wanted to lose the extra ten kilos she had put on since getting in her relationship, and my mum has always gone up and down with her weight since having three children.
So I went to my first meeting. Still not a hundred percent committed to losing weight, or even positive it would work, just knowing I wanted to do something.
So I kept going, and I started following what our leader said.
My first week I only lost 400grams. I was a little pessimistic, but I stuck at it. The next week I lose 2.3kg. So shocked.
Okay, so maybe this thing will work, I thought.
Each week I have been slowly chipping away at it, and this last week I was determined to get a kilo off. I turned down my sister for a lasagna dinner, then my aunt rang and asked me for dinner. Hadn't seen her or the cousins for a while, but what was she making...lasagna. So I had to tell her I was sorry and being really fussy as I was determined to have a good week, and she changed her menu for me. Chicken and veggies it was. Then I went out for dinner with friends, didn't have dessert when they all did. And I lost 1.1kg this week. Very happy. My goal is at least half a kilo a week.
So 16 weeks of weight watchers and I have now lost 14.7kgs. There is still a bit to go. I am still not aware of how much is really gone. And this week I got into the 80's. I don't remember when I was last there.
I am also noticing differences in my life too. Happier, more confident. I'm down a dress size now, slowly getting to the next size down again in my pants too. I've been told I carried the weight well, and no one would guess what weight I was and believe it.
Oh, and I go to the gym more regularly now and go for walks too. Love Yoga, have a class tomorrow.

Well, that is me, and this is what I want to start the blog for. There are other things going on I will mention, but I wanted to share this 'Journey" as they call it, as I find so many others will have similar experiences to me and it's good to hear and relate. Even if it's with a stranger.