Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Date

My thoughts on a first date. Do you drive yourself or let him pick you up. If you drive you can have the quick exit at the end of a bad date. No need for it to linger. If he picks you up you may get the good night kiss at the end of a good date, or the ability to invite him in for 'coffee'. 
And why is it that a woman thinks that if he is really nice and you want to see him again you won't sleep with him, but if not you may as well sleep with him and call it a day? Well, to a woman there are probably three types of guys you come across on a date; one you can see yourself in a relationship with; one you like (either he's hot or sweet) but wouldn't want to date so you just sleep with them; and then the one who you wouldn't want to date or sleep with or let him know where you live or work. 
I am the forever single one in my group of friends, therefore I am forever being set up. Too many bad first dates to count. Most I will drive myself to because I want the ability to leave when I want, and not let them know where I live till I know them better. 
This weekend I am going out with a friend from high schools partners friend. Hard to follow? Well another set up. He got my number and messaged me and then asked me to dinner. I say yes because 'why not' no other reason really. Then I tell my friend who calls to ask if I'm excited. Well her exact words were 'how do you feel about your date?' I asked how was I meant to feel. I said I am going to go to see how he is, but I'm not very excited because I don't even know him. I used to be excited. Hopeful that I could find the one, but after too many duds to mention, I can't be excited anymore. Yet. But I still go because you have to take a chance sometimes. 
Also, I met a friend of another friend the other day when we were out as a group to dinner. I like him. He seems nice, and I heard he's recently single, but I'm too embarrassed to ask my friend if he is or to set me up. I've been good friends with her for years, and this is the first time I met this guy. But I've actually met him. Had a conversation. And a laugh. And he kissed my cheek goodbye when we were leaving, which is normal yes, but not necessary when you just meet. So I can help but think of him and wish this was the guy on my first date this weekend. 
Oh, the struggles of a single girl.