Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Child

I spent the Easter weekend away with a friend, her husband and his friend, along with some of his friends family. It was a lovely getaway in Berri, we relaxed, drove to nearby towns, took the kids out for a day of fun, had a BBQ, and a genuinely good time. 
There were also three children away with us. A twelve year old girl, a nine year old boy and a fifteen month old cutie. We took the older two out for a day as well as teaching them a card game (which may have been our mistake cos for the whole three days any spare minute they would hassle us to play cards). 
On the day trip I was reminded what it was like through the eyes of a child. I see myself as still young, but obviously an adult at 28, and yes some friends are getting married and having babies, but it wasn't till 12 year old S asked me questions about my life (She asked me what I did for work, whether I had a husband, whether I wanted to have one. It was sweet) that I realized to her I was a grown up and I was fascinating to her. And spending time with her was special for them. 
I remember looking up at young adults and loving that they would chat with me, I'd ask questions and they seemed like they knew everything. What dies this mean, why is that like that? It was fun being on the other end of that, but still able to remember what it was like to be a child.