Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Road Rage

So I was driving to work Yesterday and some guy cuts me off without indicating, to get around a car he was behind, almost hits me so I beep at him. Then he breaks so I have to slow right down. I just think he is being one of those jerks on the road. Had a momentary though to get the licence plate number, but i didn't. We get to a light where I'm turning so i get to go in the other lane, but it's red.
Next thing I know he's pulled my car door open and spat at me. And I hurt my wrist pushing him out the way and closing the door. He was standong on the other side of the door, and he looked like he wanted to smash the window down or something, but he looked around and there were cars around so I guess he thought too many witnesses. I wish there was a cop car around or something. Because I didn't get his licence plate number or anything.
It was a very scary experience though it all happened so quick. I'm generally a tough person and I want to brush it off, but its shaken me more than I'd realised. I don't want to admit weakness, but I'm kind of terrified to get back in the car to drive to work. I keep thinking that it could have been much worse, so thankfully it wasn't.
Bottom line: there are a lot of crazy/feral people out there. And remember to lock your car doors.

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  1. Yes please, lock your doors and keep your windows wound up. Stay safe. And get the numberplate next time. Everytime.